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Foldable Coral Delux

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This Maxi comes with a foldable T-bar. Very handy when you want to store you Maxi in school for example. The Maxi Micro scooter was developed for children age 5-12 years. This cool, high tech scooter has the unique lean-and-steer mechanism, enabling you to surf through the streets. You steer by moving your weight, which is fun and good for development of balance. The Swiss design is safe and stable, because of the double front wheels, low fiberglass board and steal brake.
  Coral pink
Deck: Fibreglass reinforced
Age: 5-12 years
Weight: 2.5kg
Max. load: 70kg
Bearings: Abec 5
Dimensions: 33x93x13cm (lxhxb) min. height 67 cm
Wheel diameters: 120/80 mm
Wheels: PU 87o Shore A

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