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Micro Rocket - Sky Blue - NEW!

Sales price € 160,00
The Micro Rocket is big, bold and has been especially designed for those who want something more sophisticated. Robust and aggressive with a brand new Sky Blue metallic finish. Wide wheels which are unique to micro and give extra stability and grip.

Great on paved and unpaved surfaces

Just like the Micro Scooter Monster Bullet, the Micro Scooter Rocket is also equipped with extra-wide wheels. These are particularly suitable for frequent downhill rides on steep slopes. A broad contact surface ensures that wear on the wheel caused by constant braking is minimised as much as possible. The rubber insert on the brake plate also prevents it from heating up too quickly. The aluminium deck also provides the best-possible stability when you want to up the speed on your journey. Aside from that, this Scooter looks really cool and is ideal for getting to school or for a pleasant trip around town.

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