Micro - White Interlock

  • – Integrated cable combination lock
  • – Large wheels enabling maximum distance for minimum effort
  • – Foldable with an adjustable handlebar
  • – Ideal for adults


With exceptional Swiss construction and uncompromising quality, the Micro Black Interlock is a comfortable scooter suitable for everyday use. The low to the ground deck lessens the strain on your back and the wider, longer footplate gives extra room for those with larger feet – giving you more control when scooting. The scooter is easy to fold making it quick to store and convenient to transport. The new and exclusive Micro Black Interlock has a lock cleverly stored on the steering column of the scooter meaning you can always keep your scooter safe and sound.  Along with the Flex Deluxe the Micro Black has the largest wheels of all the adult scooters in our range. This means you can get around faster and with less effort than with any other scooter.

The scooter has one of the highest adjustable handlebar heights making it ideal for adults. The kickstand enables the scooter to stand upright by itself. It can be kicked forward or back when you are ready to ride and flicked back easily when resting to provide a stand for parking the scooter. The Micro Black is our preferred choice for everyday use whether scooting on the school run or as part of your journey to work.

230.00 170.00