Micro Balance Bike - Silver Chopper


Age 2-5 years (max weight of child: 20kg)
Weight of bike: 3.2kg
Lightweight making it easy to carry and transport.

The easy to adjust seat height makes the bike perfect for use between siblings.

Puncture and mark free wheels allow the balance bike to be used indoor and out.

An excellent learning tool allowing your child to build their co-ordination and balance skills making the transition easier to a more grown up bicycle.
The new trendy aluminum balance bike With the extra-wide beach handlebar, little ones can even compete in terms of coolness with Daddy’s bike ! It’s no wonder because the design of the Micro Chopper is very trendy. It’s not only the design that is very exclusive, this high-quality balance bike is perfectly tailored to meet children’s needs. So don’t be surprised next time you are at the kindergarten, if you see a line of Balance-Bike Choppers parked next to full-size motorized bikes !