Maxi Micro - Joystick - Orange


An ideal follow on from the Mini Micro – For aged 6 upwards

Like us many of you have found the Mini Micro a Godsend, not only in terms of getting to school or nursery on time but also because children love it.  They are experts at surfing the parks, pavements and kitchen floors!  Many of you have asked, ‘what comes next?’.  So the team at Mini Micro came up with a Mini Micro for older children.  It has all the fun, versatility and good design of the Mini Micro but for older children.  Its slightly edgier, cooler, sporty, sturdy and yet portable.  It is an ideal follow on from the Mini Micro.

The Maxi weighs just 2.5 kilos and is height adjustable.  The ball grip is specially designed for a child’s hand – making the maxi easy to steer.  Double rear-wheeled for extra safety and a cool look.  The maxi also has silicone wheels and a fiberglass deck and like the mini is really easy to use.

As one mother whose children have recently been introduced to the Maxi Micro puts it:

I have just taken delivery of our second Micro Maxi.  Both children are thrilled with them – they are a perfect follow on from the Mini Micro, really robust and stylish.