Bag & T-Bar Purple


Carrying a rucksack is so yesterday, we prefer to ride today!


The luggage revolution has now started for schoolkids – with the maxi micro 4in1 making the trip to school an experience guaranteeing a maximum fun factor. To take the weight off kids’ backs, we have developed the maxi micro 4in1. Our The rucksack with its special fixture can be transformed into a mobile piece of luggage, on its own or with the scooter.


Usable in the four variants illustrated below


  • Age class – Kids 5-12 years
  • Product Kind – Accessories
  • Kind of Wheel – Hard rubber (PU)
  • Surface Kind – Asphalt
  • Application mode – Mobility and Movement
  • Kind of folding – Removable handlebar
  • Special Features – Height-adjustable handlebar