Mini Micro - Aqua blue


This bright and beautiful scoot-pack includes a lollipop yellow mini micro scooter with a red bell and a FREE green scoot light (save €9.50!)

About the Mini Micro scooter:

  • Ideal for ages 2-5
  • Iconic Swiss design and award winning engineering
  • Lightweight aluminium with a flexible deck
  • Intuitive ‘lean and steer’ develops balance and co-ordination.


What sets the Mini Micro apart is its exceptional Swiss construction, uncompromising quality and innovative design.


 Having consistently been voted toy of the year by millions of parents the Mini Micro is a must for every child.


 The Mini Micro’s intuitive ‘lean and steer’ scooting style is easily understood by younger children and will greatly improve your child’s balance and co-ordination which are vital for the development of early motor skills.


 The Mini Micro is lightweight and therefore perfectly suited for younger children as it enables them to negotiate pavements, steps and doorways without the help of mum or dad.


 The brake has been ingeniously designed so even the slightest pressure put on it will bring the scooter to a gentle halt. There is no safer set of starter wheels for your child.


 The Mini Micro’s 3 wheels and sturdy deck provide stability, giving your child the confidence they need to master scooting.


 Finally both you and your child will enjoy the new found freedom, fun and independence that the Mini Micro brings.