About Micro Scooters Malta


In 2009, Kate de Cesare discovered the Mini Micro Scooter. Realising the benefits it gave her and the confidence and independence it gave her daughters Georgia and Sophie, she started selling them. Inspired by the ability to leave the pushchair at home Kate wanted the Mini Micro Scooter to be more widely available to other parents, brought the Micro brand to Malta and reinvented the scooting craze in Malta. Micro Scooters Malta is so much more than a kids scooter, it’s the no.1 Swiss brand in scooters for kids and adults for all ages.


A compelling combination of urban street style and mechanical engineering genius, each of the scooters is designed and manufactured to exacting standards. Honouring Swiss design every scooter is constructed with safety in mind. Built to last and easily maintained, Micro scooters are a transport solution that is viable, sustainable and enjoyable.


We set up Micro Scooters Malta, with the objective of not only giving you the best transport solution we can, but also the best possible advice and first class service. Whether it is a question about the suitability of a three wheeled scooter versus a two wheeled scooter or a request for a spare part, we are the experts. No one else provides the care and back up that Micro Scooters do. Our expert advice (we live and breathe our scooters) ensure you choose the very best scooter for your specific requirements. We listen to you and advise you; customer service is central to everything we do.


With the increasingly fast pace of urban environments, and the ever changing face of urban transport, Micro are constantly on the look out to design better and more innovative scooters. One of their latest developments , the E-Scooter, is sheer genius. This elegant beast with a chargeable battery which lasts longer than anything else out there is a sleek uncompromising electric scooter. The E-Scooter is self-propelled, picking up momentum from the usual kick and push action of the rider. It is a resounding hit so far with the urban trend setters. Combine this with the ‘Black Ice’ – a scooter for downhill ski slopes, and the ‘Pedal Flow’ a scooter that is a bicycle, and it is clear that Micro are determined to tackle the transport conundrums of the 21st century. There are over 15 types of scooters to choose from. What’s more they are all built with varying objectives and ages in mind. Choosing the right scooter for you your child or another person is an exciting journey.


With more than 40 awards from different independent organisations we are thrilled that you have endorsed our passion about micro scooters. With its unparalleled engineering, unrivalled quality and a timeless design, the Micro Scooter really is the world’s finest.