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The original 3 wheeler scooter in a brand new colour!
There is no other scooter on the market like the Mini Micro scooter. Age 2-5 years.
It is a proud moment when as a Mum or a Dad you see your toddler master and indeed perfect the skills of a fully grown surfer.  But believe us that is what happens within days, when you give your child a Mini Micro!
No more frustrating trips to shops or walks with children who would rather get out of the buggy and walk in the opposite direction!  A 15 minute walk becomes a 5-minute whiz, and when they need a rest, simply pull the scooter along while the child stands on top!
Developed with the help of Swiss medical experts the Mini Micro scooter gives toddlers independence whilst helping to develop their critical balance and co-ordination skills. It is light weight and portable.  It comes apart in two pieces and will fit easily on top of a buggy or in the corner of a cafe.
Whilst the age range on the box of the Mini Micro reads 3-5 years. We firmly believe (and so do the manufacturers) that a toddler who is up and walking will take to the Mini Micro just as easily as a three year old. As one mother put it: "The mini micro scooter is one of the best toys I have ever bought, fast, stylish easy to operate, sturdy and definitely the most successful. My son James just loves it and it has proved a godsend in getting him to nursery quickly in the mornings. Thank you to whoever created such a great design." Emma Catling and James aged 3.
The Mini Micro weighs only 1.7 kilos, is ideal for developing balance, co-ordination, motor skills and overall confidence in youngsters.  Its proximity to the ground, simple steering (it steers by shifting body weight, rather than twisting the handle bar); and the two wheels at the front make it the safest and most stable scooter on the market.  It is no wonder it was voted ‘Toy of the Year’ in the UK.
We cannot recommend this scooter highly enough...It is the reason that we founded Micro Mini Micro Malta!

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